Replacing a Lock on the Door of the Home

A Westerville Locksmith is an individual who is expert and skilled in fitting you with a good quality replacement lock to any door that is in your home. There are many reasons why you might require this service and they are quite different from ones that you would expect. For example, there can be a problem with the original or one you might have locked yourself out of, or maybe you want a completely new lock fitted on the doors of your home.


Any good professional locksmith will give you options on the different types of locks and safes that you may need for your house. The first one they will come to you and suggest is to change the current lock on your doors. Now, you will also have to make sure that you have the keys with you, as these can also be changed. You can then open the doors, and if all is in order you can be sure that your new lock will fit perfectly into the slot that was created by the new holes.


However, there are times when you may not be able to do this on your own. If the door was damaged somehow, or maybe the original door lock was damaged in some way, it would not be possible to drill out the old ones and change them. You would also have to find someone who can change the pin and bolt that are holding it in place. This would mean going back to the store and buying more materials, or possibly taking it to the local workshop where a locksmith could change it for you. Then it would go back to the hardware store and you would pay again.


If you were looking for a simpler option then you can always replace the lock on the door yourself. This might actually mean getting a new lock. There are many types of locks that you can use to make your home more secure. You would need to find out what type of lock works best for you, and if you already have a lock then you would just have to go out and buy a replacement lock. There are also those that are available that only require that you use a key that you have on hand. These can be bought in bulk, and as they are relatively easy to install as they are generally very cheap to buy.

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Replacing a door lock on your own however, is not as simple as going out and buying a new one. You would first of all need to figure out which lock works best with the type of door that you have. Your new lock should fit snugly into the slot that has been created by the old holes. It would be very frustrating if you used your old lock and found that it was not secure any more, as then you would have to go out and get another one.


Once you have taken the old lock out and know exactly the measurements of the holes where the new lock would be fitted into, you would then need to measure the new hole. This measurement is going to have to be taken carefully, as if it is not the right size it could either cause damage to the door or even allow the burglar to operate the door from another area. You need to ensure that the measurements you take are correct. If you take the measurements wrong then you could end up having to replace the lock twice. However, if you do it carefully it shouldn’t be a problem.

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The next thing that you would have to do is to go shopping for the right lock. While you would still be able to use your current lock to lock the door, if you want to be able to replace it then you should buy something new. You should think about getting a deadbolt lock, or a latch system. These will both add extra security to your door.


Once you have bought the right lock, and have it fitted, and have it working perfectly, you can then take the old lock out, and start replacing all the hardware in the door. Remember, you should always try to keep your door key somewhere. Never keep it in your pocket, under your pillow, or anywhere else, as it is very easy for a burglar to pick it up. They could cut it, or they could use it to pick the lock.

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